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Updates & arrangements

During the last few weeks, we have been doing some work on the website and made some adjustments to our programs.

Below you will find the new features:

Product Links

You now have the possibility to generate your own link for an article of your choice :

Copy a product from the store (regsitration) of the site and paste it on the "Marketing Tools" section of your space sponsor (

Make life easier for your next customers

Payments system

We have integrated bank transfers as a way to receive your commissions and profits for several reasons.

1. Making bank transfers allows us to verify and confirm that the money sent is going to the right member.

2. To reduce the impact of cryptocurrency fluctuations that can occur between the time we send the funds and when you receive them.

Payment method

From now on the payment methods offered on AIT 404 are limited to bank transfer and cryptocurrencies.

We no longer offer PayPal and Visa/MasterCard as payment methods because some members have used bank cards that are not theirs. Please be aware that we will not tolerate any fraudulent actions. Severe measures will be taken.

Affiliation program

As of June 1, 2022, commissions from trading profits will be eliminated. Only commissions on top-ups and products in the AIT store will be eligible for the 10% commission.

We strongly advise sponsors to read our policies, FAQs and business model before selling our products to customers. All sponsors who do not respect our working policy will be permanently removed from the affiliate program.

Meta community

We are always looking for new ways to be closer to the community.

Thanks to the new product developed by Meta, we can now reach the community in one place with a simple headset!

We have set up the AIT 404 World where you can chat, have a drink, play games and attend VIP conferences.

A new concept that allows you to meet members and employees.

We will be making VR headsets available in our store soon.

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