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Press release 3

We thank you for submitting good questions and requests. We will take care to answer you.

Q1. Many of our members do not understand how the company works, can you explain your platform?

Simply put, think of AI TRADING 404 LLC, as an "Amazon" type company in the trading business. We are a trading retailer that connects customers (members) to traders. We are a sort of spokesperson (representative) to the providers. It is possible to see this as "Dropshipping".

AI TRADING 404 LLC is the visible entity to the public and our providers are the shadow merchants.

Our model is simple, original and effective for the long term :

1. The customer buys a pack or a TopUp on our website.

2. Once we receive the payments or TopUp, we buy financed trading accounts from Prop Firm for our customers.

3. Prop Firm Trading sends us the funded trading accounts and we consolidate them into one.

4. Upon receipt of the funded trading accounts, we connect it to a second trading account of the DEMO type. The sole purpose of the DEMO account is to show our transactions made on the funded trading account. Therefore, the DEMO account does not allow members to look at past withdrawals for example.

5. Once the funded trading account is connected to the DEMO account, we link the two accounts to AI TRADING 404 bots (developed by traders who have submitted their strategies beforehand).

In the end, when a member buys a product or makes a TopUp on our website, he/she buys 2 products and 1 service, i.e. a trading account, a bot (software available on request if you want to use it on your own trading accounts outside AIT404) and a training.

Q.2 Why do you use a DEMO trading account instead of a Live trading account like other companies?

There are several reasons, the first is due to our operating system. Let me explain, we deal with a PropFirm trading. When a member makes a reload at AI TRADING 404 LLC, we pay for a trading account with our provider, who grants us a trading account (with a higher volume, like leverage). When we acquire the trading account numbers, we connect it to a second trading account DEMO. This account is used to monitor pending and active trades. We do not share the logins of funded trading accounts for security reasons and especially for confidentiality to avoid any risk of hacking.

Q.3 Why did we not receive any profit in May ?

All answers related to withdrawals can be found in the monthly performance. In the month of May 2022, we had a loss of 11% or 6.60% for members (minimal loss compared to the year-to-date performance of 105.80% and 63.48% for members.

When a performance is negative, there can be no withdrawal, because no profit has been recorded for the given period. Our bot works on real funded trading accounts. Trading activity must be analyzed over a set of months.

Nowadays, it is difficult for newcomers to separate real trading from fake. In the next article, we will show results of large investors known to all. We'll see that it's those who accumulate small gains that win in the long run. Choose opportunities based on what is right for you.

For our part, we are not looking to win a sprint, but a marathon. To each his own.

Q.4 Is it necessary to enter our payment information every month to receive the profits?

No, there is no need to submit your payment information every month. Once they are in the system, payments are made automatically when there is a trading performance.


(for members who enrolled in the first program before June 11, 2022)

When we sent out the new login and password for the MetaTrader 4 platform, the goal was to be able to show members the evolution of performance in real time without the lag that was the case in the first version via the "View your performance" button.

For simplicity, we will use the old model to facilitate the reading of the general performance including amounts receivable, withdrawals. However, the DEMO AI TRADING 404 trading account, will be functional for those who wish to study in detail the transactions issued on the funded markets. Therefore, the individual DEMOS trading accounts, previously sent, will be deactivated and grouped in a central account named AIT404 ACCOUNT. When a member wants to know his personal performance, he will have to click on the "Performance" button (old model) and when he wants to see the performance from a trading point of view, he will have to click on the "Trading" button.

Do not hesitate to look regularly at the FAQ and the articles available on the "News" section.


We are currently looking for 3 chart analysts (technical analysis) specialized in scalping, daytrading and swing trading. Please write to us at for more information.

We wish you a nice day.


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