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Newsletter 4

Dear Members, in this Newsletter you will find the updates on the site as well as the changes made to the member area.

Member area (Performance section)

Due to the latency in displaying the results of the "Performance" button in the member area. We have decided to use a more traditional display system. From now on the performance display will be updated every Saturday. The old version of the performance display will still be available for a short period of time, to view the old version, click on the "Previous performance" button.

However, all members can see their trading account activity in real time by clicking on the "Trading" button.


We would like to remind you that all the real time performances can be found in the "Trading" section of your member area. If you are not receiving any profits, chances are that the trading results for the given period are negative. Please check your trading account before requesting support for payments.

Below is a tutorial showing you how to view and interpret the data available :



Automatic withdrawal

The automatic withdrawal system will be disabled, members can now submit a withdrawal request every last Sunday of the month. If no withdrawal request is submitted, the profits available in the trading account are automatically reinvested.

At the request of our members, we will incorporate a default compound interest system. When a member leaves profits in their trading account they are reinvested in the Forex markets.

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