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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

We are happy to follow up on the new updates made on the site.

Today we are going to present you the product (AIT404 PACKAGE), its particularities and advantages. To understand the container, it is necessary to know the content.


The AIT404 PACK includes two products and one service:

  • A funded trading account

  • A trading bot

  • A trading course


What is a funded trading account?

A funded trading account is a trading account held by a Prop Firm Trading.

What is a Prop Firm trading ?

A Prop Firm Trading is first and foremost a company looking for individuals with trading skills. It is therefore possible to obtain trading accounts with more or less funds after passing an evaluation period.


Ms. X wants to work for a Popular Bank as a "Trader", Bank Y is interested in the offer. However, the bank wants to make sure that it hires the right person, so it will give Ms. X an evaluation.

The candidate will have to meet specific objectives and respect predefined criteria. Upon successful completion of the assessment, the candidate will be hired and thus eligible to invest the bank's funds in the financial markets.

As far as "Prop Firm trading" is concerned, the concept is similar, however, a candidate will have to pay an evaluation fee in order to try his luck and get funds to invest.

Yes, but? What does this have to do with AIT 404?

AI TRADING 404 is the candidate who passed the assessments for you!

Thanks to our model, it is possible for us to obtain funds from trading account providers without you having to pass the assessments. Therefore, our bot takes care of placing transactions directly to your funded trading account. It should be noted that the funds available in the trading account remain the property of the providers (Prop firm trading). The main advantage of dealing with trading firms is that they have large funds to entrust to them! This is the big difference!

How does profit sharing work?

In general a trader will earn a percentage of the profits made ranging from 40 to 90%.

For example, John pays an assessment to get the management of $100,000, when John passes the test and makes a profit of $10,000, the company gives him 50% of the profits or $5,000. Thus John is paid according to a predefined percentage of his trading performance.

In the case of our products, 40% goes to the members and 60% to Prop Firm Trading.


  1. Trading account size

Example A:

A trader has achieved a 10% performance on a standard trading account worth $250, so his profit is $25.

Example B :

A trader has achieved a performance of 10% on a funded trading account of $2,000, his performance is $200 (10% of 2k), his profit is $80 or 40% of $200.

Trader B earned $55 more than Trader A with the same trading performance.


In our last publication, we announced the collaboration with a new signal provider, this partner will be added to our bot that trades on the US markets (Dowjones, Nasdaq and SP500).

From now on, our bots will trade on the currency (FOREX) and commodity markets. To view the trades already made by the new partner, go to "Member area" click on "Performance" then "Show AIT404 account" and enter the login and password of ait 404 (to view your performance, enter your mt4 login and password). Then click on "History" at the bottom left of the MT4 web platform (video below).


As part of our company's mission, we wholeheartedly want our members to become more educated about finance, trading and entrepreneurship. Therefore, we regularly post educational videos. In the coming weeks, videos translated into Spanish, French and Russian will be available.

We encourage you to educate yourself further, because freedom begins with knowledge. We wish you success.


Following the new partnership, we have the possibility to offer you a SPECIAL promotion.

One pack purchased = one free!


*The membership/topup program from before June 10, 2022 remains active for former members but will no longer be offered for new members. Only "AIT404 PACKAGE" products.

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