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Contract & activity



AI TRADING 404 LLC is both a limited liability company located in Newark, USA offering services and products related to the fields of e-commerce, trading and real estate.






Provision of service: means a sale or rental of a product and/or service. 



Membership: implies a financial contribution that entitles the member to a share of the profits from the company's activities. 



Member: implies a natural or legal person, contributor benefiting from a share of the profits of the company's activities.



Customer: implies a natural or legal person who benefits from a product or service in return for payment.



Partner/Sponsor: means a natural or legal person promoting the company and its products and/or services.



Referral/Customer: means a natural or legal person who has made a financial contribution or payment for a product and/or service promoted by a partner/sponsor.





AI TRADING 404 LLC offers a wide range of products and services:


- Trading software
- Trading training

- Trading demo account

- Trading account
- Promotional products
- Digital Products
- Office Accessories




In addition to products and services, a natural or legal person has the possibility to invest in the company. 

- All member contributions become assets of the company and cannot be withdrawn or refunded, only the profits from the projects are redistributed in accordance with Article 5.7 - No Right To Withdraw of the LLC Operating Agreement. These assets are invested in the following business sectors: e-commerce, trading and real estate.

- Members' contributions are fully managed by the company and can be diversified in any way possible to achieve the return objectives.

- The members of the company are aware that investing in all its forms remains a risky business.



Investing in any form involves a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The strategies used by the company can be profitable and can also harm you. Before investing, please carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and ability to bear loss. It is possible that you may suffer a partial or total loss of your investment. Only invest amounts that you can afford to lose. Be aware of all the risks associated with investment transactions such as e-commerce, stock market and real estate. If you have any specific questions, we recommend that you seek the advice of an advisor. 

Members and clients: 


- Understand that investing in the e-commerce sector is risky. 

- Understand that investing in the financial sector such as CFDs (Contract for Difference), crypto-currencies and futures markets are risky.

-Understand that investing in the real estate sector is risky.

- Understand and agree to assume the economic, legal and all other forms of risk involved.

- Understand that given their financial situation, they are able to bear the loss of their entire investment.

The Company will not advise members and clients regarding investment in the e-commerce, financial and real estate sectors.

No investment recommendations will be made by the Company and its representatives. 

I certify that I have been made aware of and informed about the activity of AI TRADING 404 LLC and/or its representatives. 

AI TRADING 404 LLC acts as an intermediary between you and the company that oversees and owns all rights to investor money and trading capital and backend broker connections. AIT TRADING 404 LLC does not provide broker services, trading services, or hold custody of any investor funds. 

Refund Policy: You pay a one-time fee for an attempt at the package trading. The provision of this package trading is a service. Since services are being rendered instantaneously upon purchase, there are no refunds. All transactions made are final. If you are purchasing an evaluation through AI TRADING 404 LLC you are doing so in acknowledgement that you will not be refunded.

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